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Security Workflows for Wiz

With Blink, you can run automated cloud security workflows to enrich alerts, streamline communications, and actively enforce policies.

Powering Wiz Security Workflows with Blink Automation

Blink supports 8 out-of-the-box actions for Wiz so you can easily query information about your cloud security and streamline your response to alert.

Cloud security platforms like Wiz provide visibility into vulnerabilities and gaps in an organization's security posture. Blink integrates with Wiz to enable security teams to set up smart, automated processes for prioritizing, responding, and reporting on alerts across tools.

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Blink Workflow: On a new critical Wiz alert, create a ServiceNow ticket and send it via Slack
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Blink Copilot: Respond to Critical Wiz Alerts
Blink Copilot: Respond to Critical Wiz Alerts

Automated Workflows for

In the Blink library, we have compiled 8,000 automations that customers can download and run instantly. These automations include workflows for cloud security, compliance, identity & access management, network security, SOC & incident response, and threat hunting.

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Blink offers thousands of pre-built integrations across leading security vendors so you can start automating instantly.

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