Use Cases

SOC & Incident Response

Decrease MTTR and resolve alerts faster by extending your incident response workflows.

Automatically Resolve Tier 1 Alerts

Automatically Resolve Tier 1 Alerts

Utilize automated flows to reduce noise and false positives in alerts.

  • Detect false positives and close security alert
  • Enrich security alert with context from cloud provider
  • Detect unusual behavior and triage response
Streamline Incident Response Processes

Streamline Incident Response Processes

Create automated workflows that add relevant context, streamline communications, and reduce MTTR.

  • Create human-in-the-loop incident response workflows
  • Set rules to run automatic incident response workflows
  • Create an MTTR report for an incident
  • Query SIEM using AI-based chat prompts
  • Notify users in real-time for phishing emails

Native integrations at your fingertips

Blink integrates with hundreds of the most popular applications so your workflows can extend beyond the SOC. Explore all integrations.

Automated Workflows for SOC Response

In the Blink library, we have compiled 8,000 automations that customers can download and run instantly. These automations include workflows for cloud security, compliance, identity & access management, network security, SOC & incident response, and threat hunting.

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Centralized Threat Hunting

Centralized Threat Hunting

Scan for attacks and proactively identify insider threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Define security rules to identify incidents in third-party tools
  • Leverage pre-built workflow automations to rapidly resolve threats
  • Monitor threat intelligence tools for new IOCs
Detect insider threats and automatically remediate
Expand Alert Coverage

Expand Alert Coverage

Get full visibility and coverage of alerts across your organizations and security stack.

  • Monitor alerts across hybrid cloud environments
  • Scan your security tools to ensure your organization is protected
  • Ensure users have the proper security tools installed

Security & Compliance

Blink is committed to upholding the highest grade of industry 
security and compliance standards.

ISO 27001, SOC 2, and GDPR ComplianceISO 27001 and GDPR Compliance
ISO 27001, SOC 2, and GDPR Compliance

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