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Blink automates any security task or workflow, easily and rapidly.

Trusted by Top Security Teams

With Blink, anyone can generate an automated security workflow – simply by typing a prompt.

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Blink offers thousands of pre-built integrations across leading security vendors so you can start automating instantly.

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Automation for All Things Security & Beyond

Blink is an ROI force multiplier for security teams and business leaders looking to quickly and easily secure a wide variety of use cases.

SOC & Incident Response

Decrease MTTR and resolve alerts faster by extending your incident response workflows.

Vulnerability Management

Identify vulnerabilities and take action automatically and continuously update out-of-date software across cloud resources.

IT/ SaaS Security

Continuously monitor and manage your infrastructure security with custom guardrails.

Cloud Security

Take action on alerts and improve your cloud security posture with no-code automation and generative AI.

Identity & Access Management

Shift-left access requests, streamline approvals flows, and unblock developers while keeping your applications secure.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Continuously monitor your application for SOC2, ISO, GDPR, or other compliance checks and enforce controls.



Achieve quick time to value with no-code, low-code or code-based workflows. Choose from 8K+ pre-built workflows in our Automation Library.


Case Management

Case management in Blink allows for streamlined incident investigation and response and contextualized processes, so you can take action fast where it matters the most.

Security & Compliance

Blink is committed to upholding the highest grade of industry 
security and compliance standards.

Automate your security operations everywhere.

Blink is secure, decentralized, and cloud-native. 
Get modern cloud and security operations today.

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