Build internal tools for cloud operations

Decentralized. Low-Code. Agile.

Designed for


Code or No-Code, build tailored apps in minutes.

We provide the platform, you decide the use case:

  • Troubleshooting app
  • SLO Monitoring app
  • Interactive Playbook app
  • Security Enforcement app
  • Custom app


Blink is designed to be decentralized and secure. You decide where the apps will run. Use our managed cloud, your public/private cloud, or even your own personal desktop.


Create your own secure workspace & share your apps with others.

Cloud operations in a nutshell

Many teams. Many tools. Many tasks. Many problems.

Simplify cloud operations with Blink

Build and automate operational apps collaboratively at scale.

Daily Operations

Make your day to day more efficient. Build workflow apps to automate your daily tasks.

Incident Response

Automatically enrich alerts. Automate remediation. Building tailored apps to reduce MTTR.

Security and Compliance

Every company is different. Build apps that are specifically tailored for your security and compliance needs.

Cost Management

Bridge the gap between operations and finance. Build tailored apps to monitor and collaborate across departments.

Work smarter, not harder.

We built Blink to make cloud operations easy

Out of the box integrations

Hundreds of built-in integrations and thousands of APIs.

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Achieve operational excellence

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