Why Security Leaders Choose Blink

Blink makes security automation easier than ever.

Security and IT teams have too many responsibilities to be handicapped by their automation tools. With traditional SOAR tools and weeks of engineering work, teams might just be able to automate responses for certain types of alerts. But what about everything else?

Blink is the first security automation copilot, enabling experts to automate workflows across tools with just a prompt. Enforce policies, respond to alerts, optimize cloud security, check permissions, validate compliance, and take manual work off your plate.

Whatever you can think, you can automate.

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Teams Get More
Time Back with Blink

When automating tasks is easy and fast, the impact is exponential.

Time Travel with Each Automation

ControlUp, a leading desktop monitoring solution, uses QRadar as their SIEM platform, which generates hundreds of alerts per week. Before Blink, their small SecOps team was spending over an hour responding to each alert. They decided to build a new automated workflow in Blink to handle these alerts.

Result: 30 hours saved each week
Read the full case study
ControlUp Workflow: Creating Azure DevOps work items from QRadar alerts

Powerful Integrations at your Fingertips

With native integrations in Blink, you have immediate access to hundreds of tools and thousands of actions. Beyond that, if there’s a tool that we don’t support yet, it takes us less than a couple days to add it. If you have internal APIs you want to use, you can add your own easily by creating custom actions in your workspace.

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“Today it’s faster for us to create new cloud workflows. We don’t need to learn all the authentication steps and syntax of each product anymore.”

SecOps Team Leader
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Blink enables our team to ensure clients’ cloud infrastructure is up-to-date and secure, while reducing the amount of time we spend maintaining documentation.”

Cloud Life Consulting
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“Finding EC2 instances scheduled to retire is a pain in AWS. Blink transformed an annoying task I do every week into a workflow automation that finds and resolves any EC2 issues for me, so I can focus on more important objectives.”

Head of DevOps
XM Cyber
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“We are saving time and money on human resources. Most organizations are administering their cloud applications manually. When cloud maintenance is required, we want to use Blink automations wherever possible.”

SecOps Team Leader
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"Blink's no-code automations remove bottlenecks and communication issues, by enabling any engineer to share 1-click apps and streamline otherwise complicated processes."

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“Blink gives us a lot of control over the flow of the automation, and it’s intuitive to use! I’ve been able to create some complex automations a heck of a lot quicker than with other automation tools.”

Lead Developer
Non-Fungible Labs
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Automate your security operations everywhere.

Blink is secure, decentralized, and cloud-native. 
Get modern cloud and security operations today.

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