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Data Workflows with Azure Log Analytics

Observability and analytics tools compile comprehensive logs, metrics, and alerts. With Blink, you can make the most of these insights with automated workflows.

Pull Azure Log Data Instantly with Blink Workflows

Blink supports 2 out-of-the-box actions for Azure Log Analytics so you can easily query data with automated workflows.

Azure Log Analytics is a cloud-based service provided by Microsoft Azure that enables users to collect, correlate, and analyze large amounts of log and performance data from various sources. This service is designed to help organizations gain insights into their IT infrastructure and applications, detect and troubleshoot issues, and optimize performance.

With Log Analytics, users can collect data from Windows and Linux servers, virtual machines, Azure services, and other third-party sources. The collected data can then be analyzed using various tools and techniques, such as query language, dashboards, alerts, and machine learning-based anomaly detection. This makes it easier for organizations to monitor and manage their IT environment, improve operational efficiency, and deliver better services to their customers.

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Blink workflow: On Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps Alert, Get info from Azure Log Analytics
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Automated Workflows for
Azure Log Analytics

In the Blink library, we have compiled 8,000 automations that customers can download and run instantly. These automations include workflows for cloud security, compliance, identity & access management, network security, SOC & incident response, and threat hunting.

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Blink offers thousands of pre-built integrations across leading security vendors so you can start automating instantly.

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