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Brad Johnson
Oct 6, 2022
 min read
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👋 Hello Blink community!

It’s already October! Want a sneak peek into the latest Blink improvements and integrations? Go check out the Blink documentation site for new tutorials, updates, and maybe even a few hints about upcoming feature releases.

In case you missed anything else, we’ve rounded up all our favorite news, articles, and how-to guides from the last month.

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🔦 Featured news

  • Reducing Your Cloud Costs: An Operational Optimization Guide ✅
    Cloud costs are soaring today! That’s why it’s never been more important to have an operational strategy for optimizing your cloud costs. Whether you’re already a FinOps wizard or you’re just starting to evaluate your cloud spend, this helpful cost optimization guide outlines the most common operating expenses and provides you with actionable recommendations to lower your monthly cloud bill. Keep reading the Blink guide to reducing your cloud costs

📚 How-to guides


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