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The monthly Blink newsletter for May provides comprehensive updates on the latest Blink news, curated articles from our blog, and practical guides to tackle common challenges in the realms of DevOps and SecOps.

Brad Johnson
Jun 2, 2022
 min read
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👋 Hello Blink community!

May was one of the most exciting months yet at Blink. In addition to growing our team, we launched The Ops Community, an online place for cloud engineers to share tips & tricks.  In just one week, our new CloudOps community has grown to 1000+ members with more than 200+ DevOps and SecOps posts. 🌱

We’re excited about this new vibrant CloudOps community and we hope you are too! 

Keep reading for more exciting news from the Blink team ⬇️

🔦 Featured news

  • Introducing The Ops Community ⚙️
    DevOps, SecOps, and SREs, this new online community is just for you! We created The Ops Community to be a place for sharing CloudOps knowledge and enabling the wider community of technology professionals and aspiring cloud professionals. Sign up for The Ops Community today
  • How We Implemented Authentication and Access Control
    Choosing how to implement Authentication and Access control is an important architectural decision. Blink backend developer Ofir Pernik shares a bit about our process for choosing Auth0 to be Blink’s Authentication provider. Read more about Authentication and Access Control at Blink
  • Building a Multi-Workspace Slack Application in Go
    Blink can integrate with multiple Slack workspaces. This hands-on article documents how Blink backend developer David Abramov built this specific integration application and presents a general how-to guide for building a similar Slack application. Learn more about building a Slack application in Go
  • Blink Bytes: 30 Seconds with Director of Sales Leor Golan
    Blink bytes are short interviews with members of the Blink team. Get to know Blink Director of Sales Leor Golan in this blog post. Meet Blink's new Director of Sales

📚 How-to guides

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