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Brad Johnson
Jan 5, 2023
 min read
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👋 Happy New Year Blink community!

As we kick off 2023, the Blink team wanted to recognize everyone who supported us over the last year. From raising $26M to deliver the future of low-code DevOps, to introducing a new library with over 5000+ DevOps and SecOps automations — we want to thank our amazing partners, employees, and contractors for all that we've achieved together!

Stay tuned for lots more exciting updates this year. But before we turn the page on 2022, let's recap the latest Blink news from this past December.

Here's all the latest news from the Blink team ⬇️

Blink Automation Library screenshot
The new Blink Automation Library comes with 5000+ automations to streamline your cloud security and operations workflows across any cloud tool or API.

🔦 Featured news

  • Introducing the Blink Automation Library with 5000+ DevOps and SecOps Automations
    Meet the Blink Automation Library, a massive no-code Repository with 5000+ DevOps and SecOps Automations. Explore the library to find no-code automations for building workflows across cloud tools like AWS, GitHub, HashiCorp Terraform, Kubernetes, and Slack. Learn more about the new Automation Library

  • Operational Excellence in a Cloud-Native World #3: No-Code Automation and SecOps
    Blink co-founder and CTO, Haviv Rosh, explores "operational excellence" in a four-part series that looks at trends across DevOps, SecOps, and FinOps. In this third post, you'll learn about the evolution of security tools like SIEM, SOAR, and EDR/XDR and how no-code automation will power the next generation of SOAR platforms. Get Haviv's thoughts on the future of cloud security

  • Operational Excellence in a Cloud-Native World #4: No-Code Automation and FinOps
    In this final post in CTO Haviv's series on "operational excellence," he discusses FinOps and cost management strategies for cloud-native teams. Learn all the ways no-code automation can help you save money on your monthly cloud invoice. Read about FinOps in our final post in this series on operational excellence

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