Blink raises $26M to deliver the future of low-code for cloud operations

New funding led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, with additional investment from Entrée Capital, Hetz Ventures, and INT3.

Gil Barak
Mar 9, 2022
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Today, Blink is announcing $26 million in new funding, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, with additional investment from Entrée Capital, Hetz Ventures, INT3 and serial angel investors. 

Blink is a no-code/low-code platform for cloud operations, that gives teams a managed workspace for creating reusable playbooks to automate everyday cloud and security tasks with minimal to no code at all. Developers benefit from Blink’s no-code/low-code user interface, integrations with thousands of APIs and popular cloud tools, and a vast library of prebuilt DevOps and SecOps automation templates.

With these new resources, we will be able to grow our team significantly, invest in adding to our library of hundreds of integrations, and start building a community for DevOps professionals to share solutions and collaborate together.

Interested in joining the Blink team? We’re hiring! Go check out our Careers page.

The Problem

Overburdened cloud operations teams are stuck managing the many cloud platforms used by teams across their organizations. While working at Palo Alto Networks and ServiceNow, two amazing companies, we realized that existing security and IT automation platforms were designed for pre-cloud companies. 

To overcome this problem, highly skilled DevOps and SecOps engineers work stressful shifts, write manual scripts and spend hours each day maintaining and securing their various cloud environments. But managing cloud operations doesn’t have to be so fragmented and frustrating. Instead, cloud operation teams need a collaborative workspace where they can organize all their various APIs and scripts, while making relevant workflows accessible to other developers in their organization.

No-code/Low-code future for cloud operations

We created Blink to help operations teams achieve flow in their everyday work, by creating automated workflows across the cloud tools engineering teams use every day. The impact of adopting a no-code/low-code platform like Blink is happier, more productive operations teams and more reliable, resilient cloud operations. At Blink, we believe every team can achieve operational excellence by having a clear system-of-action for DevOps and SecOps workflows.

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