Introducing the Blink Automation Library with 5000+ DevOps and SecOps Automations

Meet the Blink Automation Library: A Massive No-Code Repository with 5000+ DevOps and SecOps Automations. Rapidly build no-code automations using cloud tools like AWS, GitHub, HashiCorp Terraform, Kubernetes, and Slack.

Brad Johnson
Dec 19, 2022
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Blink, the no-code automation platform for cloud operations, today announced the launch of a brand new Automation Library to help cloud engineering teams achieve greater productivity. Blink comes with purpose-built integrations for hundreds of cloud tools and services, empowering cloud & platform engineers to rapidly connect, customize, and proactively share automations that enable developers and business teams. Today, the Automation Library contains more than 5000 ready-to-use automation packs for solving critical DevOps and SecOps jobs.

Explore the Automation Library today to discover thousands of automation packs designed by cloud and security experts to streamline your team’s internal operations workflows.

Blink: No-code Automation for Cloud Operations

Blink is a new no-code platform for automating your critical cloud operations and security jobs. Using Blink, DevOps and SecOps teams can rapidly compose automations and self-service applications, shifting-left internal operations workflows to more efficiently support their organization’s developers, business teams, and customers.

With Blink, your cloud operations team can replace manual tasks and unmanaged siloed scripts with collaborative workspaces that have centralized management controls. Blink helps you improve your business SLAs while reducing overall cloud maintenance costs and effort. Designed to be decentralized and secure, Blink enables you to run automations on Blink’s managed cloud or on your on-premises cloud infrastructure.

Beyond automation, Blink gives cloud engineers the tools to better support their entire organization. Using Blink, platform teams can proactively enable developers and business teams by sharing a virtual self-service portal of 1-click automations.

automation library
Blink’s new Automation Library includes thousands of automation packs designed by cloud operations and security experts for tools like AWS, Kubernetes, and Slack.

Introducing the Blink Automation Library

When you explore Blink’s new Automation Library, you’ll discover convenient automation packs to help you streamline everyday jobs or kickstart new automation efforts.

Users who visit Blink’s new Automation Library can filter automation packs by use case or vendor, to rapidly find relevant, ready-to-use automations.

You’ll find purpose-built Blink automation packs for:

  • Cost & resource optimization
  • Cloud security operations
  • Incident response & remediation
  • DevOps, SRE & IT operations
  • Device management
  • Identity lifecycle management
  • Compliance automation

There are thousands of automation packs designed to solve the biggest pains faced by cloud engineers every day. Read more about different Blink use cases and available automation packs by exploring the Automation Library.

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Blink: Cloud-Native, No-Code Automation
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Blink enables DevOps, SecOps, and FinOps to achieve operational excellence by making it easy to create automated workflows across the cloud platforms and services they use every day. The impact of adopting a no-code automation platform like Blink is happier, more productive development teams and more reliable, resilient cloud operations.

The best part? The no-code future for cloud operations is available today. Get started with Blink today.

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