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Brad Johnson
Apr 5, 2023
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Are you planning to attend RSA Conference in San Francisco later this month?

You’re invited to meet Blink’s co-founders in San Francisco at RSA Conference, April 24-27. Come join us offsite for an exclusive briefing session where we’ll be demoing the future of AI security automation.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity. Schedule time at RSA with the Blink co-founders.

Featured news

AI-generated image of a Blink robot in front of a wall of TV screens

What Does It Mean to Automate Security Operations Beyond the SOC?
It’s not just ChatGPT hype. Over the last few years, AI and automation have fully arrived on the cybersecurity scene. In this post, you'll learn about SOAR use cases and the future of security automation using AI and ML tools. Read more about the latest advances in security automation

How-to guides

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Blink helps security teams achieve flow in their everyday work, by making it easy to create automated workflows across the platforms and tools they use every day. The impact of adopting a no-code security platform like Blink is happier, more productive security teams and more secure, resilient platform operations.

The best part? The no-code future for security operations is available today. Schedule a demo today.

Automate any workflow in seconds.

Blink is an automation copilot that enables you to create full ready-to-run workflows between tools – just type a prompt.

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