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Brad Johnson
Aug 8, 2022
 min read
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👋 Hello Blink community!

Welcome to all our first-time newsletter subscribers! This July, you may have noticed a brand new website experience. Explore and you’ll find new Use Case pages loaded with information about different Blink automation templates to streamline your everyday CloudOps tasks.

In case you missed anything else, we’ve rounded up all our favorite news, articles, and how-to guides from the last month.

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🔦 Featured news

  • Sign up for Blink Early Access – Available Today! 🚀
    Our biggest news this month was a HUGE update to the Blink user interface making it simpler than ever for Blink users to compose no-code/low-code automations. Blink also comes with 300+ automation templates out-of-the-box so you can take action sooner. Get started with Blink
  • Fill out this survey to help shape the Blink product roadmap ✅
    Help inform the design process around one of the core features of the Blink platform, our automation template library. This is how Blink users will explore and choose from hundreds of no-code/low-code automations to solve their everyday tasks. You can participate by submitting your feedback in this short Google Survey. Learn more in The Ops Community

📚 How-to guides


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Blink helps DevOps, SecOps, and SREs achieve flow in their everyday work, by making it easy to create automated workflows across the cloud platforms and services they use every day. The impact of adopting a low-code/no-code platform like Blink is happier, more productive teams and more reliable, resilient cloud operations.

The best part? The low-code/no-code future for cloud operations is available today. Get started with Blink today.

Automate your security operations everywhere.

Blink is secure, decentralized, and cloud-native. 
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