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Brad Johnson
Mar 3, 2023
 min read
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You might have noticed a few changes on last month. Our favorite change? Highlighting feedback from real Blink customers like ControlUp, Rapyd, XM Cyber, and Cloud Life Consulting.

For example, check out what ControlUp SecOps leader, Eitan Oscar, had to say about using Blink and vulnerability scanner Tenable for an automated workflow:

“I don’t need to make manual changes anymore. With Blink automating our Tenable scans, now I have confidence that all the agents are scanned on a regular basis.” 

Find out everything else that’s new at Blink…

Featured news

blink automation library
The Blink Library has more than six thousand no-code automations for security and platform operations!
  • New Categories Available in the Blink Automation Library
    Check out the Blink Automation Library and you’ll find new categories that make it easier to discover different use cases and automation categories. You can filter categories for both security and infrastructure topics. With 5000+ automations, there’s a customizable workflow for every project. Explore the Automation Library for yourself

  • Should You Build vs. Buy for Security Automation?
    Security automation is complex, especially in large, business critical production environments. But, that doesn’t mean all security automation needs a custom build. Many security workflows don’t require bespoke infrastructure. Find out why those who self-build often run into hidden costs down the road

How-to guides

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