How to Remove a Member from Your Organization in GitHub

If someone's account is compromised or if they are leaving your organization, it's important to remove them from your GitHub organization in a timely manner. In this guide, we show you the steps to take action fast.

Patrick Londa
Feb 27, 2023
 min read
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To remove a user from your GitHub repository or organization, you can either revoke their individual access at the repo-level or set up an organization-wide rule using the organization settings page.

In this guide, we’ll show you the steps for updating a member’s GitHub access at either level to secure your organization.

Removing a Member’s Access

Currently, the only way to make these adjustments is by using the GitHub Console. If you are using teams to manage permissions, then you can update team members using the GitHub API. You can see those steps here.

Now, let’s cover the steps for removing a member’s access using the GitHub Console.

At the Repository-Level:

If you just want to restrict a member of your organization from accessing a certain repository, you can make updates at the repo-level. Here are the steps with screenshots from GitHub documentation:

  1. Go to the repository you want to update and click the Settings tab.
github organization settings
  1. Under the “Manage access” section, search for the relevant user(s) you want to remove access.
managing github member access
  1. You can either update their permissions to read-only by clicking the Role button and changing it to Read, or you can click the trash can icon on the right to remove them from the repository.
removing member from repository

At the Organization-Level:

Blink Automation: Remove an Org Member in GitHub
Blink + GitHub
Try This Automation

If you want to manage a user’s access at an organizational level and effectively remove them from all repositories, here are the steps with screenshots from GitHub documentation:

  1. Click on your Profile in the top right-hand corner, and select “Your organizations”.
your github organizations
  1. Click the organization name highlighted in blue text and then navigate to the “People” tab.
members of an organization
  1. Select the user(s) you want to remove and use the dropdown menu (“2 members selected…”) above the list to choose “remove from Organization”.
selecting members of your organization to edit
  1. Click the confirmation button “Remove members”.
removing members from your organization

Removing Member Access Automatically with Blink

As we’ve just shown, it isn’t difficult to remove a user’s access to a specific repository or your entire organization, but it does require someone context-switching and manually inviting someone.

With Blink, you can simplify this task by using a pre-built automation from our no-code library.

Remove Org Member with GitHub and Send Results via Slack
Blink Automation: Remove Org Member with GitHub and Send Results via Slack

You can then combine automations like this into powerful operations workflows.

For example, you could use an event-based automation to remove a team member from your GitHub organization if they are offboarded from your Active Directory, IDP, or HR tool.

From a security perspective, what if one of your employees is the subject of a cyber attack or malware? You can set up an automated workflow to remove the targeted employee’s access to your GitHub repositories until the event is resolved.

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