Take action against security alerts

Transform security alerts into contextual, actionable Slack notifications or kickstart automated response workflows.

Eliminate repetitive enrichment tasks

Create no-code automations to orchestrate different steps of your security and incident response workflows.

Automatically filter out false positives

Reduce noise by building automations to cut down on duplicate alerts and false positives.

Relevant context delivered straight to case management tools

Connect CSPM, CWP, SSPM, and other tools to automatically send updates to your case management platform.  

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Featured Automations

Keep your cloud running securely and resolve security incidents faster.

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Mitigate cloud platform misconfigurations and vulnerabilities

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Enrich security alerts with context from an AWS resource

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Quarantine non-critical assets until an incident is closed


Blink is powerful, flexible, and secure.

Explore Blink use cases

DevOps & SRE operations

Monitor, remediate issues, and continuously improve your cloud-native application.

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Cloud-native troubleshooting

Transform manual on-call runbooks into actionable and interactive workflow automations.

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IT operations management

Reduce bottlenecks and empower development teams with better cloud operations.

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Cost & resource optimization

Build no-code automations to reduce your cloud spend and identify inefficiencies.

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Identity lifecycle management

Maximize ROI in identity management tools and secure your cloud applications.

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Incident response & remediation

Improve MTTR with automations that enrich and extend your EDR/XDR workflows.

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Compliance operations

Continuously monitor and enforce compliance controls across your entire cloud organization.

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Device management

Secure your cloud with convenient automations that enhance mobile device management (MDM) workflows.

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Focus on impact, not infrastructure

Hundreds of automations built by cloud operations experts.

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