Reco Partners with Blink to Automatically Remediate SaaS Data Security Exposure Events

Partnership empowers security teams to automate response when sensitive information is exposed through SaaS tools and remediate risk

Blink Team
Jun 21, 2023
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Reco, a data security company that applies business context to provide actionable visibility into data risk across SaaS applications, today launched a new integration with Blink Copilot, a leading no-code security automation platform powered by generative AI. 

Reco enables customers to easily understand the risk to their SaaS data using business context analytics that automatically map data and assess business impact for both the data and the users involved. Partnering with Blink makes it even easier to generate automated remediation workflows using Reco’s SaaS data security findings. Using Blink Copilot, a generative AI for security automation, Reco customers can now generate automated workflows that orchestrate different steps in their security and incident response workflows, all with a simple text prompt.

Today, security teams must protect their organization from risks across different channels, including the myriad SaaS tools being used. This critical area is often neglected, even though 45% of communication occurs outside of email and sensitive financial, customer, legal and PII data is being accessed and shared. Most security tools provide no contextual information to help tie investigative processes to SaaS data, which means actions and mitigation efforts are inaccurate. This also leads to friction with the business that needs to operate fast. These factors frequently overwhelm security teams, limiting their capabilities to immediately and accurately respond to data risk findings, which causes sensitive information to be exposed longer than it should be.

The integration between Blink and Reco helps organizations solve the challenge of securing data in SaaS-based tools while also lowering alert fatigue for security teams. With these two companies working together, customers gain:

  • The ability to set up workflow automations that automatically remediate risk findings Reco raises on sensitive data. 
  • Recommended workflows for each scenario of data exposure to ensure sensitive data stays secure, eliminating the need for enterprises to investigate and remediate every finding separately.
  • The capability to continuously secure sensitive information within their SaaS collaboration tools, without the need to resolve incidents manually.

Using the contextual information about sensitive data that Reco provides, customers’ workflows become a powerful solution to accurately reduce the exposure on their most sensitive files, as opposed to using generic workflows that will introduce a high level of false positives and will increase alert fatigue.

Ofer Klein, CEO, Reco, said: “Our goal with this partnership is to ensure our customers are constantly securing data in their SaaS collaboration tools. Blink Copilot makes security automation more accessible than ever before. Using AI-generated workflows will allow our customers to respond to all of their data risk findings faster and more efficiently. Together, Reco and Blink Copilot will help reduce the operational burden on security teams and remove the need to deeply investigate every finding.”

Tal Eliaz, security team member, Sunbit, said: “I absolutely love the integration with Blink. Now I can setup automation to handle risk findings, saving hours on investigating findings and deciding what to do, and be able to react much faster to sensitive data exposure.”

Enterprises can take advantage of the new Blink Copilot integration today by creating an account at Once your account is set up, you will need to apply the proper API keys for relevant SaaS platforms, and then select the recommended workflows by Reco. Contact us today to learn more about this partnership, or if you haven’t already deployed Blink Copilot and Reco for your enterprise yet, schedule a demo!

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