How Security Teams are Using Generative AI

Gen-AI has quickly become a valuable tool for everyone across various industries and disciplines. Security teams are no different. Find out the top five ways it’s helping security operations and beyond.

Ashlyn Eperjesi
Jan 30, 2024
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Security teams globally face the daunting task of protecting their organizations against a vast array of threats and cyberattacks. Cybercriminals will continue to grow more sophisticated in their techniques and tools. Security teams must follow suit by using intelligent technologies that help identify and mitigate potential threats. 

One of these technologies is generative AI. It's rapidly changing the way organizations approach cybersecurity by offering the ability to create thousands of realistic simulations of potential attacks. 

Let’s dive into how security teams use generative AI to bolster their defenses now and in the near future.

Threat Intelligence Analysis

Malicious actors take time to plan their attacks against organizations. Similarly, security teams need to stay ahead by investing resources in understanding the tactics cybercriminals use. Gen-AI intends to play a crucial role in this space by simulating the actions of malicious actors in real-time. It allows security teams to identify weaknesses or vulnerabilities and prioritize their cybersecurity efforts accordingly.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a widely used approach to detect vulnerabilities in a system and identify how serious the risk is. Using new tools like PentestGPT – which is powered by ChatGPT – security teams create hundreds (if not thousands) of unique and realistic simulations of possible attack scenarios across various systems. Think email phishing to insider threats and ransomware. These simulations can provide security teams with a deeper understanding of what to look for when they scan for vulnerabilities and allow for more productive testing.

Malware Analysis

Malware is a major threat to companies of every industry and size. Gen-AI presents a promising technology that provides value in malware detection and analysis. Existing security solutions, like VirusTotal, are quickly introducing Gen-AI to boost malware detection rates by 70%.

With the help of such technology, security experts gain the ability to simulate the behavior of an attacker (be it a hacker or malware) easier and faster than before. The outcome is unique patterns and potential vulnerabilities that have gone undetected by other systems.

Security Operation Center (SOC) Automation

AI-powered automation is vital in the SOC to minimize the chances of human error and help security analysts detect and respond to cyber threats faster. By implementing generative AI models and algorithms into SOC automation tools, common alert triage tasks can be automated faster and more accurately than before. AI Copilots, or assistants, can automatically perform the more time-consuming or labor-intensive tasks associated with automation platforms. 

For instance, Blink Copilot can generate an automated workflow from a single written prompt. Look for an automation platform that uses generative AI most effectively for your team. 

Blink Copilot generates an automated workflow in seconds

Workflow Generation Across Security

A security automation copilot provides accessibility beyond just the Security SOC. It allows for easy automation of various use cases like cloud security, IAM, GRC, IT, and more. With a copilot like Blink, any security workflow can be generated effortlessly - from patching vulnerabilities to compliance checks and user onboarding/offboarding. Simply input a prompt, and the copilot will generate a fully-coded workflow, complete with the correct APIs and commands, ready for publishing.

What to Consider

While generative AI offers immense potential in bolstering cybersecurity, it comes with its own set of challenges. Security teams should carefully navigate ethical considerations, model interpretability, and the risk of adversarial attacks. Thankfully, a responsible security technology vendor can guide you through these considerations. Striking a balance between innovation and security is essential for the responsible deployment of generative AI in cybersecurity.

Utilizing Gen-AI In Your Security Tech Stack

Generative AI is proving to be a game-changer for security teams in their ongoing battle against cyber threats. By harnessing the creative and predictive capabilities of generative models, security professionals are better equipped to anticipate, simulate, and respond to evolving cybersecurity challenges.

As the field continues to advance, the strategic integration of generative AI promises to elevate the effectiveness of cybersecurity measures, ultimately creating a more resilient digital landscape. 

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