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Brad Johnson
Dec 6, 2022
 min read
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Hello Blink community,

Did you see the Blink team at AWS Re:Invent this year? Now that we’re done wandering the floor in Las Vegas, the Blink team rounded up all our favorite news, articles, and how-to guides from the last month. 

Featured news

  • Operational Excellence in a Cloud-Native World: No-Code Automation and DevOps
    In this second of four posts on “Operational Excellence,” Blink’s CTO Haviv Rosh explores strategies for achieving DevOps speed, scalability, and reliability in today’s complex cloud landscape. Learn about trends like no-code automation, internal developer platforms (IDPs), and more. Read more about DevOps and achieving operational excellence 
  • Syncing User Groups Across Platforms with Blink Automation
    When you adjust user groups in one platform, how do you ensure those changes are reflected in other tools? Learn how the team at Non-Fungible Labs went about solving this problem using Blink automations. Find out what Non-Fungible Labs had to say about using Blink

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