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Brad Johnson
Jul 5, 2022
 min read
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👋 Hello Blink community!

Welcome to all our first-time newsletter subscribers! June was another banner month at Blink. Our team kept growing and we’ve been hard at work building more automations for your favorite cloud services and platforms. In case you missed anything, here's all our favorite articles and how-to guides from the last month.

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🔦 Featured news

  • Building Custom Integrations: Why It’s Hard Connecting Different Cloud Platforms and Services
    Serverless, microservices, and containerized architectures unlock flexibility for cloud engineering teams, but can require a significant amount of custom integration work. In this post, Blink CTO Haviv Rosh highlights some of the challenges and pitfalls of building integrations between different cloud platforms and services. Read more from our CTO Haviv Rosh
  • The Ops Community Cruises Past 1000+ New Members 🥳
    Last month, Blink introduced The Ops Community for cloud engineers, DevOps, SecOps, and SREs to share insights about their work. In June, we cruised past 1000 members and celebrated the many high-quality cloud operations posts from our members. Haven’t joined us yet in The Ops Community? Sign up for Ops today!

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