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Virginia deGuzman
Feb 1, 2023
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Celebrating 2023: The Year of No-Code Automation

This January, we're super excited about the future of no-code security automation. Check out the Blink automation library for new automations we're building — and watch a recording our first-ever webinar, part of a new series on cybersecurity trends and predictions with industry experts.

To kick of 2023, the Blink team spent a week together at our headquarters in Tel Aviv to celebrate all the we had accomplished and of the new things launching this year!

Here's all the latest news from the Blink team ⬇️

WEBINAR: 2023 CloudOps and Cybersecurity Predictions with Haviv Rosh and Sarbjeet Johal 

Find out what two leading cloud executives are predicting for CloudOps and cybersecurity in 2023. Blink’s cofounder & CTO, Haviv Rosh, was recently joined by cloud economist, Sarbjeet Johal, to discuss the news and technologies that will matter most to enterprise leaders like CISOs, CTOs, and CEOs this year. Watch the full recording here

How Blink Empowers XM Cyber to Achieve Operational Excellence

Blink provides a platform that enables cloud and security operations teams to do what they do best, better. Learn about how we’ve empowered one of our customers, XM Cyber, to take their cloud and security operations workflows to the next level, helping them achieve unparalleled results. Read the XM Cyber case study

How ControlUp Uses Blink to Automate Security Workflows

Good SecOps automation means more than just integrating services into your SIEM and SOAR platforms and getting alerts. Learn about how Blink empowered one of our customers, ControlUp, to supercharge their productivity, reducing their cloud operations burden and saving them significantly on their operations costs. Learn how Blink helped ControlUp save the equivalent of a full-time SecOps employee

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