2023 CloudOps and Cybersecurity Predictions

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January 24, 2023
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Ready for the year ahead?

Join us to hear what two leading cloud executives are predicting for 2023. Blink’s CTO, Haviv Rosh, will be joined by cloud economist, Sarbjeet Johal, and other special guests to discuss the news and technologies that will matter most to enterprise leaders like CISOs, CTOs, and CEOs this year.

Get insights from our panel of technology executives who have led technology strategy for teams at companies like ServiceNow, Oracle, Palo Alto Networks to help you prepare for a secure and resilient New Year.

Session Speakers:

Haviv Rosh
Cofounder & CTO at Blink Ops
Haviv Rosh
Sarbjeet Johal
Founder & Cloud Expert at Stackpane
Sarbjeet Johal

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