Live Event

Black Hat US 2024
in Vegas

Aug. 7th - 8th, 2024
Booth #2234, Mandalay Bay
Black Hat Stage
Black Hat Stage
Black Hat Stage

Automate Everything Security in the Blink of AI

Heading to Vegas this August for Black Hat? Make sure you stop by the Blink booth (#2234) to get an exclusive demo of the latest updates to our platform.

It's easier than ever to build, collaborate, and scale all things security & beyond using our AI-powered workflow automation platform. See how we're lowering the technical barrier to automation so your teams can get 100X more done.

Key Benefits of Gen AI Powered Security Automation:

Streamlines the creation of automation workflows by autonomously generating complex sequences of actions, without the need for manual coding.
Speeds up the deployment of automation solutions, making it easier to set up advanced security processes.
Reduces the need for advanced coding skills: Security teams can create complex workflows without requiring extensive programming expertise, making security automation becomes more accessible.

Meet with Blink at Black Hat US

AI Copilot

Blink Copilot is an AI assistant that helps you easily automate any workflow inseconds. Simply type a prompt and see the generated workflow in moments. Withthe flexibility to tweak your prompt and iterate, you can fine-tune the workflow toyour exact needs. Build the perfect workflow, effortlessly.

Workflow Editor

Whether you prefer code, low-code, or no-code, Blink has got you covered. Easily drag and drop the actions you want into the workflow, leveraging the over 30,000 actions available in the automation library, or use Blink Copilot to generate the step, all without needing any coding knowledge. For developers, the workflow editor offers advanced scripting capabilities, allowing for custom code integrations.

Automation Library

With over 30,000 API actions and over 250 vendors integrated with the Blink platform, you can take advantage of pre-built workflows or quickly build custom API calls. From automating IT tasks to enforcing industry-leading security best practices, Blink empowers you to get more done with ease and confidence.

Case Management

Modernize case management with the power and speed of AI. Blink’s case management serves as a command center where security teams can quickly assign, track, and collaborate on incident cases. It reduces SOC analysts' workload with automated case enrichment that pulls data from various security tools and third-party threat intelligence for faster incident response.

Trusted by Top Security Teams

Blink Automates Any Workflow Across Use

SOC & Incident Response
Vulnerability Management
IT/SaaS Security
Cloud Security
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Customers share immediate time to automation

“Within three months of deploying Blink, we've gained unprecedented efficiencies andwere able to see near-instant timeto value with Blink. In the past month alone, we've automated over 300,000 actions.”

Nir Rothenberg, CISO at Rapyd

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