Streamlining Incident Response Efficiency with Blink and Panther

We're thrilled to announce our new integration with Panther, a leader in modern security intelligence and analytics. Together, Blink and Panther enable teams to transform their alert handling with the power of automation.

Blink Team
Jul 1, 2024
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We are excited to announce a game-changing integration that leverages the strengths of both Blink and Panther. At Blink, we are dedicated to redefining cybersecurity with our innovative, AI-powered security automation co-pilot. This integration with Panther, a next-generation SIEM, further strengthens our mission to empower organizations with seamless and efficient incident response capabilities.

Panther is known for its advanced capabilities in generating high-fidelity security alerts from terabytes of log data. By leveraging Panther's robust features in tandem with Blink's automation prowess, organizations can seamlessly ingest and automate incident response workflows with unparalleled accuracy and speed, ensuring proactive threat mitigation.

What makes this integration exceptional is its collective ability to empower security teams to respond swiftly and decisively to potential threats, thereby enhancing the resilience of an organization's security posture. Let's explore how this integration elevates incident response workflows:

  1. Seamless Alert Ingestion: Organizations can seamlessly ingest security alerts and contextual data from Panther into Blink, facilitating efficient incident response workflows powered by Blink’s Co-Pilot.
  2. Automated Incident Response: Leveraging Blink's automation capabilities, organizations can automate incident response workflows from alert triage to fully automated remediation for all levels of alerts. This type of automation significantly reduces response times and increases overall efficiency.
  3. Contextual Enrichment: Panther leverages detection-as-code principles to generate high-fidelity alerts, enabling seamless prioritization and routing of alerts within Blink to the appropriate security analysts or team members for further investigation and response.
  4. AI-Driven Automation: Organizations can leverage AI-driven automation within Blink to auto-remediate security incidents at machine speed, freeing up valuable time and increasing efficiencies for security teams
  5. Proactive Incident Response: Through co-pilot generated automation runbooks within Blink, organizations can proactively respond to security alerts generated by Panther, such as detecting EC2 cryptojacking or alerting on multi-step privilege escalation and account takeover attacks in AWS. This proactive approach enhances security posture without compromising on response time or effectiveness.

By leveraging the strengths of both Blink and Panther, organizations can unlock seamless AI-driven incident response that enhances efficiency, reduces response times, and bolsters overall security posture.

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