Blink’s Security Automation Platform Delivers 936% ROI, Reveals TAG Study

In a new study by TAG, cybersecurity experts analyzed the Blink security automation platform and its impact. They found an estimated 936% ROI for most businesses by calculating time savings and reduction in breach damage. Read the full report.

Blink Team
Jul 8, 2024
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How do you quantify the value of security automation for a business?

We asked the experts at TAG Infosphere to conduct an independent analysis of the Blink platform to answer that question. In this new return on investment (ROI) analysis, they calculated the estimated impact of investing in Blink to be a staggering 936% ROI, saving significant staff time and reducing damages from breaches.

What Is ROI and Why Is It Important?

ROI is the main performance metric used to assess the effectiveness of an investment or to compare the efficacy of multiple investments. It calculates the amount of return on an investment relative to its cost. ROI is an important metric in business and finance because it directly guides decision-makers on which projects are worth prioritizing over others. 

A high ROI indicates that the gains from an investment outweigh the cost. An extremely high ROI, such as 936% for Blink's security automation platform, is an exceptional return, indicating that the investment is not only profitable but also a highly efficient use of capital resources.

How Blink Ops Achieves Unmatched ROI

TAG Infosphere used the following formula to calculate Blink's possible ROI offering:

ROI = Cost Avoidance / Cost of the Investment

Cost Avoidance is the savings achieved by reducing staff time and costs, such as the time to perform tasks manually (TPTM) and the error rate (ER). The time spent on manual security tasks is the average time professionals spend building, performing, and verifying outputs from manual tasks across different tools. 

The cost of the investment includes the initial purchase, annual subscription, and operational costs for deploying Blink.

To demonstrate Blink's potential ROI, TAG analysts conducted a case study of Apex Pharmaceuticals, a representative company. They assumed Apex employed 50 security professionals earning an average annual salary of $125,000. 

Using the ROI calculator, they calculated that Apex could save $1,872,480 per year by implementing Blink. With an estimated Blink deployment cost of $200,000, Apex Pharmaceuticals would achieve an impressive 936% annual ROI by adopting the Blink platform.

Dave Neuman, Senior Analyst at TAG, added: "Enterprise teams who oversee the many security functions, manage processes and tasks critical to the business today, and seek ways to reduce operational costs and free up staff for higher-value activities would be advised to connect with Blink."

Download the Full ROI Report

5 Additional Benefits of the Blink Platform

Beyond the measurable cost savings, Blink offers several important qualitative benefits:

1. Blink's pre-built automations and AI Copilot address cloud security, vulnerability management, IT security, identity and access management, and governance-risk-compliance, improving efficiency and operational excellence in all security functions.

2. By creating automated workflows with an AI Copilot, Blink reduces errors caused by fatigue or misjudgment, ensuring consistent security practices and reducing vulnerabilities. It integrates best security practices into daily operations.

3. Blink follows compliance standards such as SOC 2, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS, and it automates the tracking of compliance controls and the detection of potential violations. This assists organizations in aligning with industry standards and improving compliance processes.

4. Blink automates repetitive tasks relieves burnout caused by constant alert fatigue, allowing security teams to focus on strategic and proactive tasks, which improves performance and retention.

5. With low and no-code options and numerous integrations, Blink enables security teams to begin automating tasks right away, enhancing their skills while reducing the need for developer-implemented automations. Blink also provides a monthly "automation-as-a-service" subscription to help teams automate more efficiently from the start.

Multiply Your ROI Through Security Automation With Blink Ops

If you're a cybersecurity company looking to calculate the potential ROI of using Blink for security automation, don't hesitate to reach out today. The longer you depend on manual, error-prone processes, the more you expose your organization to risks and financial losses. 

Take the first step towards a more secure, efficient, and profitable future by scheduling your personalized consultation with our team of experts. We'll work closely with you to understand your unique security challenges and demonstrate how Blink can revolutionize your operations, reduce costs, and empower your team to achieve unprecedented success. Click here to get started today.

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