Blink Spotlight: Nicola

Get to know Nicci, Blink's talented technical writer based in our Tel Aviv HQ.

Blink Team
Feb 8, 2024
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My name is Nicola Dimant, I am 27 years old and originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. About a year and a half ago, I made the move to Israel, and now I call Tel Aviv my home. Back in South Africa, I have a twin sister, an older sister, and also my mum and dad. My background is in frontend development, and I currently work as a technical writer at Blink Ops.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

I enjoy coding , reading , beaching, and spending quality time with friends and family. 

Your personal motto/mantra is:

“Change the way you think and you can change the world”. 

Why did you choose to work at Blink Ops?

In May of last year, I became a part of Blink Ops family. After an extended search in the HiTech industry following my front-end development studies, I finally found my place here. The journey to this point was tough and took longer than expected. It all started when HR contacted me on LinkedIn about a technical writer role. Following two interviews and a task, I received an offer to join the product team.

In retrospect, I believe Blink Ops entered my life at just the right moment, making the wait worthwhile. I've gained valuable knowledge and had the privilege of meeting remarkable individuals. I chose to be a part of Blink because of the exceptional work environment they foster and the unwavering support for personal growth within the company.

What does a typical day at Blink look like for you?

My day kicks off at around 9:30 am. When I get to the office I usually setup my laptop, check my calendar for what they day entails and then head to the kitchen to make coffee and eat breakfast with whoever has already arrived to the office . I then go get started with my tasks until my daily meeting with the product team at 11:00am. Post-meeting, it's back to the grind until lunchtime. 

Lunch is always the best , whether we're ordering in or venturing to the city center. It’s always great conversation with great people. After a delicious meal, I return to work. Blink Ops (aka Kendy 😉) takes celebrations very seriously so typically there is always a celebration of some sort (with an endless amount of delicious food). I use this as a brief break and a chance to recharge before diving back into work until the end of the day.

What advice do you have for someone new at Blink?

Be eager to learn, be open to meeting new people and building connections with your colleagues and don’t hesitate to ask questions. 

What’s your favorite thing about the Blink platform?

My favorite thing about the blink platform is the Blink Copilot. Keep your prompts concise and as accurate as you can, then witness the magic of Blink Copilot in action! 

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