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Blink Team
Jun 1, 2023
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Did you catch the launch of Blink Copilot?

Blink Copilot is the first generative AI for automating security workflows. With Blink Copilot, anyone can automate workflows using simple text prompts.

Want to experience Blink Copilot generative AI for yourself? Visit the new home page and write a few prompts to generate your own security workflows.

Featured news

  • Introducing Blink Copilot: Generative AI for Security Workflows
    Meet Blink Copilot, the first ever generative AI for automating security and IT operations workflows. This innovative tool makes it possible for any security operator to generate no-code workflows using a simple prompt. Read the announcement post

  • How No-Code Supercharges Your Security Automation Capabilities
    Blink Ops co-founder, Zion Zatlavi, shares insights about how no-code automation can help modernize and streamline security and IT operations workflows. Learn how security automation has evolved and discover what the future holds for cybersecurity automation. Learn more about no-code security automation

How-to guides

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Blink helps security teams achieve flow in their everyday work, by making it easy to create automated workflows across the platforms and tools they use every day. Leverage Blink Copilot generative AI and more than 7,000+ pre-built workflows to achieve happier, more productive security teams and more secure, resilient platform operations.

The best part? The no-code future for security operations is available today. Schedule a demo today.

Automate your security operations everywhere.

Blink is secure, decentralized, and cloud-native. 
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