Join us for coffee and explore automation with Blink

April 4th
10:00AM PST |  Zoom

Blink is the first and only Security Automation Copilot, enabling any team member to quickly build automated workflows across tools - just by typing a prompt. Whether you want to validate compliance, enforce security policies, automate incident response, or better manage your resources; the possibilities are endless.

Join us on April 4th at 10:00 AM PST to see our 45 minute coffee break demo and explore how Blink can quickly automate tasks using our Generative AI Copilot and Automation Library. All attendees will receive a $20 coffee gift card to Starbucks.

For our upcoming session, we will cover these common use cases:

How to simplify phishing and email inbox remediation
How to improve SOC efficiency through alert automation and notification response
Limited, complex workflows due to pricing models > Blink provides unlimited users and workflows!

Grab Coffee with Blink