Ready to Secure Your Google Drive?

Are employees across your organization granting risky permissions on files in Google Drive? You don’t want to stifle productivity, but you also need to keep your organization's information secure.

With Blink, any SecOps or IT team can run regular automated checks on your organization’s Google Drive to identify files that are overly permissive or publicly accessible, and take action.

Identify sensitive files shared with 3rd-parties
Find any documents that are publicly accessible
Use conditional logic to notify owners to take action

Launch new security practices faster using automated templates for any cloud platform or API.

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“Blink is the first no-code automation tool that tackles the difficult automation challenges, effectively giving my team DevOps capabilities."

Nir Rothenberg

“Most organizations are administering their cloud applications manually. When cloud maintenance is required, we want to use Blink automations wherever possible.”

Eitan Oscar
SecOps Team Leader

Simplify your cloud operations today.

Start transforming your cloud and security operations with Blink.

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